Exercise and Arthritis

Exercise is very important for people with arthritis as it increases strength and flexibility, combats fatigue, reduces joints pain, improves endurance and also is of great benefit to the heart, bones, mind and mood.

However, it is not advisable to push yourself beyond the acceptable limits since the joints are already inflamed as this could be dangerous to your health. Hence, a doctor’s advice is not something to joke with when in this state. A resting period of 2 or 3 days is usually recommended during a flare-up. This should help your joints hit the reset button. It is also advisable to work with your doctor for the right exercises and skipping times when you experience pains.

I would discuss in subsequent paragraphs, gentle exercises and workouts for people with arthritis. However, bear in mind that bodies differ from each other and your body has its own way of telling you when you are going off limits.

Gentle Exercises


Except walking is too painful, this should be something easy for almost everyone with arthritis. As insignificant as walking may sound, it is a highly beneficial aerobic and bone strengthening activity. Taking a daily walk for about 10 minutes is just fine. Endurance can be built over time as the duration can be increased gradually. This can be done in three to five days in a week.


This gentle exercise is good for arthritis patients with feet or ankle problems. Cycling, whether outdoor or indoor (sitting on an upright or recumbent exercise bike) avoids the pounding of high-impact aerobic activities. It is of great cardiovascular benefit. This can be done for 10 minutes for starters, with the aim of increasing the duration gradually. A frequency of thrice weekly is not a bad idea.


Maintaining a beautiful garden could be such a great deal if you don’t love recreational exercise as an arthritis patient. Gardening however, helps you burn calories and boost pleasure-enhancing endorphins, easing the depression that can be associated with arthritis. As interesting as you may find gardening, knowing your limits is essential especially for patients with the wrist problem. This can be done weekly for about 30-45 minutes.

Weight Lifting

I know you must have wondered if this is a gentle exercise, especially when putting the arthritis patient into consideration. Well, I would say an emphatic yes! Here’s my take on it. It all depends on the weight in consideration. For people with arthritis, light hand weight of about 2-5 lbs. is a good idea. Endurance can then be built over time. Be careful not to push yourself beyond your limits. I know you need those muscles, stronger this time for your daily activities.


This should work for almost everyone with any type of arthritis. It is very much advantageous in that it promotes a healthy immune system and helps reduce joint inflammation. Avoid power yoga, hot yoga and flow (Vinyasa yoga) that is going out of bounds! This is because it puts excessive pressure on your joints.

With a regular routine of the few gentle exercises discussed above, an arthritis patient will maintain an improved fitness level, reduced joints pain and more endurance over time!

Effective brain supplements for smart college students

Brain supplements are vitamins and mineral extracts which enhances brains activity, especially for college students; sharpens their memory, activates their mental and emotional state towards learning and against ill moods, anxiety and mental decline like dementia.

There are numerous kinds of supplements branded and sold as “brain supplements”.

However, studies have discovered that taking the right supplements can aid brain’s functioning to a greater degree. Some examples of some effective brains supplements are:

1. DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid: DHA is a wonderful mental nutrient to increase brain activity and mental functioning.

It is an omega-3 fatty acid extract which aids the part of the brain responsible for language, creativity, focus and clarity. It also enhances memory by building and strenghtening the cerebral cortex, making one brighter and smart. DHA has been found as the secret of some highly effect people.

2. Citicoline is another interesting, fast acting brain boosters for college students and learning individuals. Although less widely known, It is effective in increasing the brain’s nutrients, allowing blood flow, enhancing brain energy and plasticity and improving the activity of the brain’s mitochondria.

3. Curcumin is special kind of brain supplements from natural vitamins, herbal and mineral extracts. However, it is used at times in treatment of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant infections; It has also been helpful in protecting the brain in an impressive number of ways: by relieving the brain off depression and anxiety, preventing disorder and malfunctioning and fighting against brain diseases, e.g Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALC) : Acetyl-l-carnitine, made from amino acid extract aids in improving mental clarity, processing ability, speed and alertness. It is also a strong antioxidant which protects the brain against memory loss, deterioration and free radical damage. Researches have shown that it stabilizes brain proteins, making students smarter and focused. It also reduces likelihood of Alzhemier disease in the brain.